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Girl WIP

The girl concept has been finalised, I began to start sculpting using Zbrush. Since it has to show sad emotion, I decided to pose it as if she is desperately wishing for something. Everyone has a desire but there are times where we can and cannot. This pose will define the words, desire, poor , sad , desperate , sympathy, money and power.

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Zbrush Tutorials

It took me quite a while to actually get to use to zbrush as I had only in touch with one project which is for V&A sculpture. I quite enjoy it I wanna improve more on it so that I could create a great 3D concept design or not only that, it is a good software to integrate with 3ds max or maya.

Books and few tutorials I have researched and learnt.

zbrush Essentials

Speed sculpting to get an overall idea for the characters I desire.


Stylized characters


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Understanding light

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